Accessing Event Background Queues

Accessing Event Background Queues

Each event you start on Darkroom Booth for iPad has a background queue that shows the status of image uploads and shares. 

1. Start Your Event

To get to the background queue, you first need to start your event.

Once the event has started, triple tap the Darkroom Software logo (or your own if you have chosen to replace ours) at the top of the screen.

2. Event Settings

After triple tapping the logo, three icons will appear in the bottom left corner. 

To access the background queue, select this icon: 

3. Background Queue

The 'Booth Status' page gives you a quick overview of the number of:

  • Email shares
  • SMS Shares
  • Photo Sessions
  • Cloud Uploads

It also tells you underneath each statistic how many of those items are still pending. 

The 'Booth Session Log' shows a live feed of whether your images have been, are still waiting to be, or have failed to be shared or uploaded to your chosen storage provider. 

If a share or upload was successful, it will appear in green text. 
If a share or upload is still pending, it will appear in blue text.
If a share or upload failed, it will appear in red text. 

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