Adding A OrcaVue plattform for a 360 Booth

Adding A OrcaVue plattform for a 360 Booth

  1. Pair the OrcaVue with Windows via Bluetooth on the computer. Pairing a Bluetooth device with Windows

  2. Once paired go to Booth then Global Setting and then Device Control and click on the Bluetooth Icon.

  3. Select each device one at a time and then wait for that to display in the Bluetooth window. When it does select and choose OK.

  4. The controls for the OrcaVue will appear at the top. You can then add the item in the Booth phase area for when the devise needs to come on, etc.

Please note* the OrcaVue should not set it to change directions in the middle of operation. that can damage the motor. Maybe we can add a asterisk with that disclaimer