Event Gallery Subscription Required  | For Advanced Users Only                            

Event Gallery has an open API that allows for uploading of images and creating of galleries. 



For upload picture into collection you must send POST request on  /api/v1/picture/upload endpoint with with the following parameters in the URL:

  • name - picture real name with extension (string value).
    • Optional parameter. If not provided - API will attempt to use picture name from a request body (POST or FILE array)
  • collection-name - collection name (string value).
    • Allowed characters: digits, numbers, white spaces and sign "-"
  • collection-date - collection event date (string value).
    • Example 2018-02-22
  • token - Token you can get in your API key token in "Integration" tab of Event Gallery settings.
  • tag - define tag for current image.
    • For linking of images to each other (e.g. multiple photos from one photo session or still images in a GIF). Optional parameter.
  • collection-url - collection custom url (string value).
    • Allowed characters list a-z A-Z 0-9 -. Optional parameter.

Request body must contain picture content or picture URL.

Example Request

curl -XPOST

-d '<picture_content> or <picture_url>'


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