Using the Event Gallery API

Using the Event Gallery API


For upload picture into collection you must send POST request on endpoint with with the following parameters in the URL:

  • name - picture real name with extension (string value).
    • Optional parameter. If not provided - API will attempt to use picture name from a request body (POST or FILE array)
  • collection-name - collection name (string value).
    • Allowed characters: digits, numbers, white spaces and sign "-"
  • collection-date - collection event date (string value).
    • Example 2018-02-22
  • token - Token you can get in your API key token in "Integration" tab of Event Gallery settings.
  • tag - define tag for current image.
    • For linking of images to each other (e.g. multiple photos from one photo session or still images in a GIF). Optional parameter.
  • collection-url - collection custom url (string value).
    • Allowed characters list a-z A-Z 0-9 -. Optional parameter.

Request body must contain picture content or picture URL.

Example Request

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