New Event Gallery Options for Darkroom Booth

New Event Gallery Options for Darkroom Booth

Event Gallery Subscription Required   |  Darkroom Booth 3.0.870 or Higher
  1. If this is unchecked it will use the name of the event in the event settings. If checked you can edit the name to the right.
  2. Same as above for the date. In both cases what is shown to the right will be what is used.
  3. Upload button lets choose a sample image or logo to post to that gallery
  4. Get Link will open a new browser window with a link and QR code you can print (see below)

  1. Lets you choose a print size
  2. The event name
  3. The URL
  4. Choose an image to use as the background on the print
  5. Opens a print dialog to send to a windows printer
  6. QR code link to the event
  7. A clickable link to the gallery

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