Auto Prompt for Text Entry

Auto Prompt for Text Entry

Booth 3 can prompt for text to be added to a print template. This is a great option to allow guest to customize the output and produce baseball cards or ID cards plus may others. Here is how;
  1. First, in the Text tab near the bottom check "Enable Survey" then "Automatically generate survey from print template". (see item 1 and 2 below)
  2. Next, in the template editor open your print template and add a text box in the location, font and color you want the final text. Add the Prompt enclosed by %. For example, %name% will prompt for "Name". (see item 3 below)
  3. When you run a session Booth will prompt for any info in the template inside the %% and insert the response there. You can include several items all in one text box or each one in a separate text box. (see item 4 below)

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