Booth 1.5 Release Notes

Booth 1.5 Release Notes

Booth 1.5 is no longer supported by Darkroom Software or available for download.

Upgrading from Booth 1
 If you are a Darkroom Booth 1 user, unfortunately, we no longer have an discounted upgrade option and you will want to purchase the latest version of Booth at full price.

Build 1.5.296 (5/6/2015)

  1. Option to leave video on Canon SLR
Build 1.5.293 (4/1/2015)
  1. Fixed issue with reprint quantities to Windows Printers
Build 1.5.290 (2/18/2015)
  1. Fixed issue with Webcam video recording
  2. Fixed issue with Save Image 1 and 2 when set to .png and .PSD
  3. Fixed an issue with Digital delivery with .png and .PSD
  4. Fixed an issue with .png when files size was set to medium or preview
Build 1.5.288 (2/6/2015)
  1. Added Brava 21 printer driver
  2. Added center adjustment to DNP DS40 and RX-1 Printers (and reset)
  3. Updated 2x6 alignment for DNP printers
  4. Mouse and serial buttons retain settings from previous releases
  5. Fixed undo attribute change
  6. Fixed Toggle color/B&W for mouse button
  7. Fixed Mouse button to reprint last does not stop current session
  8. Reprint after face detection for quantity only reprints 1 set
  9. Fixed CMYK graphics issue
  10. Fixed separate white balance for live view issue
Build 1.5.286 (10/28/2014)
  1. Fixed screen issue of shapes not drawing correctly.
  2. Fixed Canon external flash issue.
  3. Added support for Nikon D5300, D610 and D810.
Build 1.5.283 (10/20/2014)
  1. Add sound support with embedding sounds in screen file!
  2. Can save Original Photos in additional location. A template can be added as well!
  3. Can use multi-photo template with "Copy Original Image" feature.
  4. Ability to record videos when using a Webcam.
  5. Revamp Settings sub-tabs to make active tab more clear.
  6. Split text and timing into 2 tabs to allow more settings.
  7. Warning if you enter booth mode with no printer enabled.
  8. Email prompt can now start at beginning of session.
  9. Email prompt is now editable.
  10. Email prompt duration can be adjusted.
  11. DNP DS40 Printer option to cut 4x6's into 2x6 strips.
  12. Webcam videos can configure audio recording device.
  13. Cameras in unsupported mode generate a warning in most cases.
  14. Support for Canon Digital Rebel XT and other legacy cameras.
  15. Copies prompt can be set to before session.
  16. Help link to added.
  17. Auto fill for countdown sound files.
  18. All menu items added for mouse/serial options.
  19. Camera detection fixed.
  20. Camera save settings fixed.
  21. Camera disconnect live view recover fixed.
  22. Face detection for print quantity fixed.
  23. Printing begins before email entry (again).
  24. Chroma key setting check box fixed.
  25. Video file saving with SLRs fixed.
  26. Memory leak when switching events with no edits fixed
  27. Issue where a bad email address can hold up other emails is fixed.
Build 1.00.248 (8/5/2014)
  1. Dramatically improved green screen for live view and print.
  2. Added save to memory card option for SLR cameras.
  3. @ Prefix fonts no longer show.
  4. Fixes failed focus issue on last frame in session.
  5. Fixes incompatibility with some graphics types.
  6. Can Auto recall last camera settings.
  7. Large graphics added to templates are now resized.
  8. DNP printers allow 180 rotation for perforated media.
  9. Removed use of RAW camera files.
  10. Added status window for copy and burn.
  11. Fixed error when slide show was selected on copy and burn.
  12. Webcams mounted upside down work correctly.
  13. Emails with double dot work correctly with .com key.
  14. Save image command now warns if location is not valid.
  15. LV for Canon and Nikon can stay on indefinitely (not recommended).
  16. Booth now prompts for license removal during uninstall.
Build 1.00.231 (3/5/2014)
  1. Added lots of new templates and screens!
  2. Changed / added new sample events to make getting started easier.
  3. Changed default bleed for Windows printers to 20 instead of 0.
Build 1.00.229 (1/10/2014)
  1. Fixed email with no internet connection slowdown.
  2. Fixed connection issue with older Nikon cameras.
  3. Fixed Live View issue with Nikon D5200 and D7100.
  4. Fixed video recording issue that affected some Canon cameras.
  5. Added ALT + short cut keys that change mode and start booth session.
  6. Added CTRL +L to Toggle Live view on or off.
  7. Added video recording in any mode (P,M,S,A) with Canon cameras.
  8. Added resolution adjustment for webcams.
Build 1.00.217 (10/10/2013)
  1. ISSUE: Nikon D3/D300/D5200/D7100 Not detected in this build, use 193 Below or contact support for a beta fix.
  2. Faster frame rate with Live View / fixed memory issue
  3. Video recording for Canon and Nikon SLRs (SLR must support video recording, Webcam support coming soon)
  4. Added Sample Video Booth events
  5. 2x7, 2x8 Strip Sizes added
  6. Scroll Bars added for low res screens
  7. Reprint menu no longer affects live view
  8. Booth mode on second monitor live view issue fixed
  9. Entering email + .com button issue fixed
  10. Powershot cameras no longer lose settings
  11. Default prevents extra copies on one 4x6 print
  12. CTRL R (reprint) after email fixed
  13. Face Detect / number of prints fixed
  14. Photo email only sending 1 image when set to Full size fixed
  15. Windows printer automatically sets page size correctly
Build 1.00.193 (8/26/2013)
  1. Canon Powershot G5-G10 and Powershot S1, S3, S5 now supported!
  2. Camera Control! Adjust your camera settings (aperture, shutter speed, etc) from Darkroom Booth.
  3. DNP DS-RX1 cut adjustment improved (built-in driver).
  4. Email prompt for small screens improved.
Build 1.00.180 (7/12/2013)
  1. Added access to email addresses from sessions (settings- main- view email addresses).
  2. Added saving templates in trial mode.
  3. Fixed DNP RX1 Spacing issue.
  4. Removed template descriptions.
  5. Fixed Shinko CHC1245 4x8 print issue.
  6. Fixed green screen rotation issue.
Build 1.00.171 (6/27/2013)
  1. Updated Trial/non-licensed mode: allows capture/printing/sessions with watermarks and timeouts
  2. Liveview crops to aspect ratio (instead of stretching).
  3. Hardware key (dongle) support added
  4. Added Delete All to Print Queue
  5. Added auto-updater to check for new updates
  6. UPDR200 (built-in driver) 2x6 Cut Fix.
  7. Small screen size fixes.
Build 1.00.163 (6/10/2013)
  1. When live view is paused after picture taken, the actual picture taken is shown
  2. Removed screen size restrictions
  3. Fixed Canon live view issue
  4. Updates to Live View visibility (can turn live view on/off during session)
  5. Tweaked Countdown timer drawing
  6. Build 1.00.160 (posted 6/6/2013)
  7. Fixed live view issue with older Nikon cameras
  8. Fixed full size email to use template
  9. Changed Windows Printer setup to default to "allow all" sizes
  10. Misc bug fixes, optimizations
Build 1.00.154 (5/24/2013)
  1. Text and Graphics can be shown / hidden at different times during session using "When Shown" property!
  2. This is awesome. Video and sample templates coming asap.
  3. Face Detect feature updated (print copy for each person)
  4. Option to exit booth mode by touching corner ("hit area to exit" in controls screen).
  5. Can choose "copy or burn files" from Prints or Photos tab
Build 1.00.148 (5/20/2013)
  1. Added ability for entry level Canon SLRs (like Rebel series) to use External Flash AND have decent live view.
Build 1.00.147 (5/17/2013)
  1. Fixed Canon live view on Windows XP
  2. Cleaned up some menus
Build 1.00.145 (5/16/2013)
  1. BUG: Canon Live view on XP is currently not working. Fixed in next release
  2. Live View frame rates improved.
  3. Choose Graphic buttons work correctly.
  4. Printing extra copies based on # of faces detected should work for all cameras.
  5. Border shape text issue is resolved.
Build 1.00.142 (5/10/2013)
  1. Added touch screen button support via shapes and graphics.
Build 1.00.139
  1. Face detection not enabled. Fixed in next build.
  2. Emailing full size only sends first image.

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