Booth 2.5 Downloads and Release Notes

Booth 2.5 Downloads and Release Notes

Booth 2.5 is no longer supported by Darkroom Software. We recommend upgrading to the latest build of Darkroom Booth.
Build 2.5.598 (09/29/2017)
  1. updated to Dropbox API v2.0
  2. updated to Facebook API v2.9
  3. fix for ios slideshow stopping after first picture
  4. fix for email list coming from incorrect event
  5. improved print quality to Fujifilm DX100 EX
  6. better handling of templates containing incompatible objects from later versions of DRB
  7. fixes issue when forcing a manual blue-screen dropout (rather than using auto dropout)
  8. fixes problem with exposure compensation causing video to not be transferred for some Canon cameras

Build 2.5.597 (02/27/2017)
  1. GIF files now send correctly from the kiosk
  2. Reprint of images created using Alternate Print using sizes 2x6 and 4x6 now print correctly

Build 2.5.596 (02/13/2017)
  1. Fixed an issue with saving slideshow images with more than one template.
  2. Fixed an issue with saving images with shadows on with a transparent background as a PNG
Build 2.5.594 (01/03/2017)
  1. Fixed an issue with Twillio changes and auto-fill value no longer correct
  2. Looped video does not flash
  3. Removed text in Booth share which stated that text messaging requires Twillio account (kiosk supports sending text message via email if Phone carrier is known)
  4. Fixed Skip button in video playback fix
  5. Fixed Copy and burn outputting .edf file
  6. Fixed Attract mode slideshow timing
  7. Remove High-key and low-key drop out from photo nodes
  8. Save Image 1, Save Image 2 - settings dialog now indicates which settings are being changed rather than just a generic dialog caption
  9. Fixes crash in device control list for video actions
  10. Disables OLE server busy dialog
  11. Change slideshow default image size to 1600x1600
  12. Extra slideshows no longer fail when video is enabled
  13. Changed the Print Photo button to show the size selected
  14. Fixed an issue with newer Canon cameras that caused an issue if auto-focus failed
  15. Fixed the Save/Save as button in the Survey to work correctly
  16. Fixed a crash that could occur when switching from the Global settings back to any main tab.
Build 2.5.586 (10/18/2016)
  1. Incorrect upgrade message in Application Updates
  2. Index rebuild requested password
  3. Copy and Burn feature generated an error with some antivirus software

Build 2.5.582 (10/06/2016)
  1. An issue where Manage Album would not select an image
  2. Incorrect number of lifetime prints reported on the DS80 with no ink roll installed
  3. Using both Alternate Print and Favorite Photo didn’t work correctly Crash with templates containing graphics with alpha channels that are upsized
  4. Copy originals fails and shows error converting with green screen templates using graphic lists
  5. Number of photos reported incorrectly with template that have both a single and a composite photo node
  6. Carrier names not visible in Booth Share on some browsers
  7. Select favorite photo wasn’t displaying all photos taken
  8. Windows update caused the task bar to pop up with live view
  1. New Facebook API for future compatibility

Build 2.5.568 (9/21/2016)
  1. issue with the DNP 620 driver where it used 2 ink sheets to print 4x6 on 6x8 media
  2. issue with image file format saving incorrectly
  3. issue with Reprint generating to many copies
  4. issue where incorrect stats page was sent to phone
  5. slideshow on 2nd monitor may not close correctly
  6. copies prompt not working before session if any other prompt was set to before as well
  7. no email account error after updating to the latest version
  8. Booth Share previews optimized
  9. issue where setting ay save to option to a drive root displayed C:} instead of C:
  10. issue where skip button on videos was not able to turn off
  11. issue where originals with a different template in wrap up tab were out of order
  12. Issue where TMP files stuck in the print queue are detected and an option to remove is presented
  13. Issue where templates with graphic files with no extension caused a crash
  14. Issue where file name field in copy and burn was not working
  15. Issue where sample print didn’t generate a preview in the print queue
  16. Variables such as %Event% will work in a screen template now
  17. Screen elements set to display during end instructions work correctly now
  18. Live view and other performances are no longer affected by a shape with an outline
  19. Using Alternate print for the skip feature that will now skip auto posting to Facebook as well
  1. support for the latest Canon cameras
  2. support for the latest Nikon cameras
  3. remaining disk space to stats info
  4. support for videos in the Booth Share
  5. support for GIFs in Booth Share
  6. ability to choose favorite photo
  7. change template printed based on survey answer
  8. contest mode feature
  9. ability to mirror graphics added to a screen to match mirror live view
  10. support for the new Fuji DX 100 EX driver
  11. ability to change a template based on a quiz score
  12. ability to change a graphic list based on a survey or quiz answer
  13. selecting a new Primary template with a different number of photos than is set will produce a warning message
  14. Clicking on the event name in Booth Share will refresh the screen
Build 2.5.556 (7/20/2016)

  1. Added Survey can require email address.
  2. Added Stats report to Wrap up tab.
  3. Added Slideshow “show alternate” option.
  4. Added Support for Photo to phone via email from kiosk.
  5. Added Emails sent from kiosk are now added to address export.
  6. Added Landscape layout for Photo control interface.
  7. Added Ignore Windows key in booth mode (configurable in the Controls tab).
  8. Added Email addresses report in Wrap up tab.
  9. Added Warning if email option selected with no email account.
  10. Fixed Instagram harvest for slideshow.
  11. Fixed Photo to phone via email subject line.
  12. Fixed Periodic reports when Booth Control is not enabled.
  13. Fixed GIF with a graphic list.
  14. Fixed Display text in slideshow.
  15. Fixed Slomo playback in slideshow.
  16. Fixed Email video.
  17. Fixed Still session after cancel video session results in Retaking error.
  18. Fixed Issue with email option was selected but no email account was added.
  19. Fixed Email prompt for video after session.
  20. Fixed Playing video on secondary monitor in attract mode.

Build 2.5.542 (6/7/2016)
  1. Added Forced 2x6 cut for 4x6 prints in Brava 21 driver.
  2. Added print alignment to Brava 21 driver.
  3. Added ability to export Survey data as CSV in Wrap up tab.
  4. Added better error messages when correct media is not available.
  5. Added Custom ports now show in the Booth control links page.
  6. Added Text Messages in Booth Share can be sent via email.
  7. Added Images added to screen templates can now be flipped.
  8. Fixed Foreign language characters display properly.
  9. Fixed problem when alternate template had no image cells or was missing/deleted.
  10. Fixed problem with adding Template to originals in slideshow.
  11. Fixed corrects error message if activation code is entered incorrectly.
Build 2.5.534 (5/17/2016)
  1. Added now shows as version 2.5
  2. Added option to send Booth Stats (TM) on wrap up page
  3. Fixed Prompt when choosing a custom template now works correctly.
  4. Fixed issue where correct password may not reveal activation code.
Build 2.0.531 (5/9/2016)
  1. Added Enable / Disable Reprint, Email, MMS in Kiosk Mode in Booth Control settings.
  2. Added Ability to play GIF in Slideshow via Mix Folder.
  3. Added If not printing, slideshow will use email or phone template instead of print template.
  4. Added Message about IIS if port 80 not available.
  5. Fixed Reprinting 2x6 from kiosk now prints correct copies.
  6. Fixed Photo to Phone variables now work.
  7. Fixed Hourly report blank computer name.
Build 2.0.528 (5/4/2016)
  1. Known Issue Booth Stat Text doesn't send on Schedule.
  2. Known Issue Can't turn off Phone/Email/Reprint in Kiosk mode (yet).
  3. Added Slow Motion playback support.
  4. Added GoPro Support (learn more here).
  5. Added Booth Remote control.
  6. Added Remote Booth Lock / Unlock.
  7. Added Can share and reprint images from iPad / Tablet / Computer.
  8. Added Booth Statistics can be emailed / texted.
  9. Added DNP DS620 Direct Driver.
  10. Added Fuji DX100 Direct Driver.
  11. Added show Videos and Animated GIF in slideshow.
  12. Added More Slideshow Transitions and Gallery.
  13. Added Survey intro and exit text can be blank.
  14. Fixed Animated GIF Loop issue.
  15. Fixed Canon T5 and newer video transfer.
  16. Fixed Script and Run now work in Device Control.
  17. Fixed Can't skip questions in required survey.
  18. Fixed Miscellaneous activation issues due to Windows Updates.
  19. Fixed "Darkroom appears to have been modified" error message.
Build 2.0.479 (1/20/2016)
  1. Added support for Canon EOS 5DS, 5DS R, T6s, 760D, 8000D, T6i, 750D, X8i.
  2. Fixed issue with Twilio Authorization.
  3. Fixed audio not stopping when attract mode was exited.
  4. Fixed Phidget control when using BoothMode.exe.
  5. Reprint when using template selection now prints the correct size.
  6. Fixed Slideshow social media harvest update issue.
  7. Better support for international phone numbers.
  8. Fix for on screen numpad.
  9. Fix for Booth mode not returning to attract mode.
  10. fix for social media harvesting not updating in channel 2.
  11. Added a video option prompt at the end of a session.
  12. Fixed registration issue with non-US characters.
  13. Can now edit Survey text prompts.
Build 2.0.471 (12/10/2015)
  1. Added Template size / selection (ie 2x6, 4x6. Limit of 2 sizes, 50 different templates).
  2. Moved Text prompts for "Copies" and "E-Delivery" to Text tab (from Main)
  3. Added Create a Sample (print/file) from Template Chooser.
  4. Added Sample images at X:SamplePhotos (see ReadMe.txt in same folder).
  5. Added Tool Tips for text prompts.
  6. Added Select Primary/Secondary Print template to Booth Commands.
  7. Added support for Canon EOS 5DS / EOS 5DS R /EOS REBEL T6s / EOS 760D / EOS 8000D / EOS REBEL T6i / EOS 750D / EOS Kiss X8i.
  8. Added Can play a video before sessions as attract mode with overlaid text.
  9. Added looping video option.
  10. Added keyboard hotkeys to Toggle Color/B&W, Color/Sepia, Color/Antique.
  11. Fixed Windows printer page size issue.
  12. Fixed Page color RGB numbers issue.
  13. Fixed Print start if video played at the end.
  14. Fixed time between photos now independent of countdown.
Build 2.0.461 (11/23/2015)
  1. Fixed issue with Full Size GIF creation.
  2. Fixed issue with GIF looping.
  3. Fixed issue with GIF "distributed frames" setting.
Build 2.0.457 (11/18/2015)
  1. Added Advanced Animated GIF support (repeat/distribute frames settings)
  2. Can select multiple templates at once in Animation settings (use shift or ctrl key)
  3. Can select up to 60 templates for Animation (previously limited to 10)
  4. Use bigger GIF palette for email/disk, still small palette for MMS (smaller file size)
  5. System Info reports Windows versions more accurately
Build 2.0.455 (11/12/2015)
  1. Added support for Animated GIF Output for Email, MMS (Phone), and Copy Originals.
  2. Option to Require Survey before starting session (mandatory survey).
  3. Enhanced performance when using slideshow and quiz or survey.
  4. Corrected issue with removing / adding Instagram Account.
Build 2.0.451 (11/2/2015)
  1. Added “Manage” slideshow feature with load/save settings (video).
  2. Added Image harvesting for slideshow from Instagram, Facebook, email, MMS and Dropbox.Added Multi Channel Support for slides show.
  3. Added Reset slide show.
  4. Fixed Slideshow survey/quiz results.
  5. Fixed Booth commands in "device control".
  6. Improved error handling and messages.
Build 2.0.445 (10/21/2015)
  1. Fixed issue with uploading to Facebook pages
  2. Slideshow can continue on 2nd monitor when exiting Booth mode
  3. Added CTRL-R "monitoring" to ignore accidental reprints
  4. Better messaging for startup errors
  5. Added new arrangement selector in Slideshow page
  6. Added transparent output option for Slideshow templates
  7. Added gap/no gap option for slide show
  8. Fixed issue with text display on attract mode
  9. Fixed screen redraw issue on Slideshow tab
  10. Fixed issue when Browse was selected before a slideshow was generated
  11. Fixed issue with slideshow error after 230 images
  12. Fixed wrap up issue due to slideshow failure
  13. Fixed navigation enabled requirement issue in 433
Build 2.0.433 (9/17/2015)
  1. NEW Slideshow Feature!
  2. Known Slideshow Issue: must have navigation "Enabled" when in Custom Mode or you'll get error.
  3. Added new Menu system to make vertical displays easier to use
  4. Added Play video recording at the end of the session.
  5. Fixed issue where prints were not saved if Time after last photo was 0
  6. Fixed issue where custom message on Photo to Phone was not saving
  7. Fixed Stop Sound option in Device Control
Build 2.0.408 (7/23/2015)
  1. Added Nikon D5500, D7200, D810A, Nikon 1 V3 (1V3 must have latest firmware)
  2. Added improper shutdown message
  3. Added warning message if date/time is wrong
  4. Fixed issue with Twillio Authorization
  5. Fixed the Run option in Device Control
  6. Fixed digital output PNG and PSD file types
  7. Fixed survey prompt for Video only sessions
  8. Fixed an issue if a countdown was set longer than the time between photos
  9. Fixed an issue with sending emails to a fixed address
  10. Fixed an issue with Ctrl V
  11. Fixed several activation issues
Build 2.0.400 (6/26/2015)
  1. Fixes registration/activation problem with &
  2. adds 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, 8x8 square print sizes for Windows printers
  3. No longer runs in Windows XP due to video playback
Build 2.0.399 (6/22/2015)
NOTE: No longer runs in Windows XP due to video playback
  1. Fixed Facebook Page-Album Posting
  2. Fixed Phidget blink
  3. Added Phidget Tool Tips
  4. Fixed Take Photo Command
  5. Survey/Quiz prompt now editable
  6. Added option to Playback recorded video after session
  7. Added option to play mp4 and mov files
Build 2.0.396 (6/10/2015)
  1. Fixed metroPCS Email
  2. Updated Facebook login for low res screens
  3. Updated Activation Error messages
Build 2.0.394 (6/9/2015)
  1. Added post to Facebook event, page, album, timeline
  2. Added user post to Facebook
  3. Added upload to Dropbox
  4. Added photo to phone via SMS / MMS
  5. Added retake photo option
  6. Added retake video option
  7. Added take photo Now option
  8. Added Survey/Quiz option
  9. Added Twillio support
  10. Added Phidget support
  11. Added the ability to play videoAdded option for different template for each output
  12. Added Wrap up tab
  13. Added output Survey/Quiz results
  14. Added option to save videos to camera or computer (if supported by camera)
  15. Fixed Liveview cropping

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