Booth Control - Booth Share

Booth Control - Booth Share

Remote kiosk can be run on one or more devices (iPad, Android tablet or Windows computers) by going to the IP address plus\kiosk. The initial screen is a thumbnail browse screen where you can find and select the photo to share/reprint. when you touch on a thumbnail you will be taken to the screen below with the following options;
  1. Back to the thumbnail view
  2. Go to the slideshow view
  3. Previous image
  4. Next image
  5. Text the selected image (requires the Twillio service setup on the Booth computer)
  6. Email selected image (requires an email account setup on the Booth computer)
  7. Reprint selected image to the booth printer
The Kiosk and Manage Album screen are very similar but with one difference, the Manage Album screen lets you delete an image from the slideshow (see item 8 below). This photo is not removed from the Photos tab only the slideshow. Some users that utilize an iPad are using this free app to set up Kiosk mode they have a lite version that is free and there is a similar app for android, just search the play store for "kiosk browser".  For Windows computer you can use Internet Explorer in full screen mode to hide the address bar. Currently Edge browser does not have a full screen mode.

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