Booth runs slow and hangs up during a session

Booth runs slow and hangs up during a session

Note - Adding large graphic files was changed in version 1.5.248 released on 8/5/2014. Graphic files added to screen templates are now resized to optimize performance. Booth also no longer allows the use of RAW files. You can download the latest version from here.
  1. Be sure to disable any anti-virus software that may be on your computer. Windows 7 and 8 computers have Windows Defender on by default and many new computers have trial versions of McAfee or Norton installed.
  2. Check to make sure any graphics added to your screen are not excessively large. If you are displaying a graphic on screen at 200 pixels wide but the original graphic is 4000 pixels that can make the screen file excessively large and cause slow response and hang, especially if you have more than 1 graphic like that in your screen
  3. Make sure your camera is set to small or medium size jpg files. Using large jpg or RAW files can cause slow performance due to the larger files transfer time and and processing time.
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