How do I use the Burstmode (Boomerang) option in Darkroom Booth?

How do I use the Burstmode (Boomerang) option in Darkroom Booth?

Here is a quick video on how to set up the Animated GIF option in Darkroom Booth.

New in version 3.0 is the Burst Mode Boomerang. This is done as a short video so as with all video, if you are using a DSLR you need a class 10 or higher memory card in the camera with sufficient free space.  This can also be done with a webcam as well. Below are the steps to setup.
  1. Start by adding a button to the start screen with the command "Burst session" (see item 1 below)
  2. If you would like to see the video after completion on screen also check the box for "Enable video playback" (See item 2 below)
  3. Next, go to the Video tab to find options that affect the output. (see item 3 below)
    1. Recording time - this is the length of the original video. Generally best to keep this short 3 to 4 seconds
    2. Capture rate - the number of frames kept from the original video. 10 works well but you can experiment
    3. Playback Speed - this is the delay between frames for playback. Start with the default and experiment
    4. Maximum width and height of final output. These files can get large so be conservative on size. For viewing on a phone 800x600 works well
    5. Template - Here you can add a template that can contain both foreground and background layers. You can use a green screen for background dropout.
    6. Boomerang - Check this box to have the GIF play forward then in reverse.
  4. To offer the option to preview the GIF and retake go to the Text tab and check the "Preview GIF" option. (see item 4 below) This option also works with standard GIFs
These GIFs can be emailed, text or added to the slideshow. Keep in mind the files can be large and may exceed allowed size for carriers so if you have any issue sending try reducing the file size. The final files are located in the Video folder of the event. See this link for info on finding that How do I record video?

Using the default settings can produce great results but experiment to find the effect you like.

Here are couple free sample events to help you get started.

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