Chroma Key Masking Tool

Chroma Key Masking Tool

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      In Darkroom 9.2 we made a dramatic improvement in the green screen algorithm. It is faster with better drop outs and more tolerant of images containing green. Along with the new Masking tool, Darkroom can handle your most difficult Chroma Key ...
    • Dongle Driver Will Not Install

      Try using the dongle driver clean up tool.
    • Darkroom Pro, Core & Assembly 9.2 Downloads and Release Notes

      Build  9.2.2405 (04/02/2021) Core 9.20.2405 Pro 9.20.2405 Assembly 9.2.2405 Added      US Mobile carriers list for email to sms option Build  9.2.2402 (03/10/2021) Core 9.20.2402 Pro 9.20.2402 Assembly 9.2.2402 Fixed An issue logging into a Dropbox ...
    • Retouching in the Retouch Workshop - Darkroom Core

      Select "Use Retouch Workshopshop" from the Retouch drop-down menu. Click the Retouch brush to load Photoshop. 1. Select the retouch tool/effect. 2. Select how you would like to apply the edit/effect. 3. Adjust how the tool will be applied.
    • How do I create a Green Screen Border?

      1. In your Darkroom software, go to the Setup tab 2. When in the Setup screen, select Products & Services from the setup tree 3. Next, Select Templates 4. Select Borders 5. Within Borders, select the desired border group or create a new group by ...