Command Folder Quick Start Guide - Darkroom Pro Only

Command Folder Quick Start Guide - Darkroom Pro Only

A "Command hotfolder" is a folder that is monitored for command files which can create complex orders.
To enable Command hotfolders: 
      1. In Setup - Capture Options - Hotfolder and Social Input
      2. Click Add.
      3. Add a Command Folder AutoInput
      4. Configure the Command Folder to point to the desired folder on disk to watch for .txt files (See Figure 1)
          Enable the new Command Folder AutoInput entry (See Figure 2)
Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Copy into the hotfolder a command/order file with a .txt extension

If you are editing the file (or writing it programmatically) into the hot folder, it is recommended you create the file with an alternate extension such as .tmp, and then rename the file to a .txt file only after the command file is complete. That will prevent Darkroom from attempting to process the file before you are finished writing it.

Images referenced in the command file may have a complete path specified. If so, the path must be accessible by the computer running Darkroom that is processing the hotfolder. Use a UNC path for network files (e.g. \\mycomputer\myshare\folder\img_123.jpg)

Images may also be referenced with no path (e.g. img_345.jpg). Images without a path are assumed to be directly in the hotfolder. Copy the image files into the hotfolder first, and then copy the .txt file. It is important that all images referenced in the command file are present and accessible when Darkroom processes the .txt file.

When Darkroom processes a valid order, it will move the .txt file to the Processed folder beneath the hotfolder. For convenience, dated subfolders and subfolders for each command file are created. Locally referenced images (images without a path that are copied directly into the hotfolder) will also get moved into the Processed folder. Image files referenced with a full-path are not moved and are left in their original folder.

If an error occurs due to an invalid command or missing image file, then the command file will be renamed from the .txt extension to .err and left in the hotfolder

Here is a link for additional info.

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