SMS Configuration- Using Twilio

SMS Configuration- Using Twilio

Paid Feature

We do not send images in text messages directly due to the risk of reduced image quality, and also to comply with the restrictions of telecom providers outside of the United States.
If you have Darkroom Event Gallery set up and enabled it will use your gallery and send a link. If you do not have Event Gallery added, it will automatically use our account tor temporary storage.

1) Sharing Settings

To link your Twilio account on Darkroom Booth for iPad, you first need to access Settings. 
From the navigation bar on the left-hand side of the Settings page, select ‘Sharing’
Scroll to the bottom of the page and under ’SMS Provider’, you will be able to see the status of your configuration. 
Click on this box to continue with set up.

2) SMS Provider Settings

When in SMS Configuration, make sure you have Twilio selected under ‘SMS Provider’
You will need to enter information into the following fields:

  • From number (the number you use for your Twilio account)
  • API Access Key (SID) (see step 3)
  • API Access Key (Auth Token) (see step 3)
  • Test Number

3) API Access Keys

To configure your SMS provider, you need to have the API Access Key (SID) and API Access Key (Auth Token).

To find both of these, you will need to be logged into your Twilio account on your chosen browser. You can log in here.
When logged in, on your Twilio Account Dashboard you will see both API Access Keys shown under Project Info.

Copy each key individually into Darkroom Booth for iPad.

4) Configuring Your SMS Provider

Once you have copied both API Keys into your settings, next to the test number you entered, press the ’Test’button.
Hula Booth will let you know if you the message was successful or not. If successful, make sure you press ’Save SMS Settings’ before exiting the screen.

If your message was not successful, check again that all details entered were correct.

5) Twilio Set Up

1. From Number

This is the number you have set up with your Twilio account. This is the number that will be used for sending out the asset.

Remember to include your country code

2. API Access Key (SID)

Type in your API Access Key or Account SID (up to 64 characters). 
You can find the Account SID in the Console Dashboard.

3. API Access Key (Auth Token)

Type in your AIP Access Key or Auth Token. 
You can find the Auth Token in the Console Dashboard hidden behind a bunch of dots. Click on these dots to reveal your Auth Token.

4. Send Test Text

Please remember to include your country code.

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