Settings > Controls

Settings > Controls

1. Keyboard options -  Use these checkboxes to allow keyboard shortcuts like using the space bar to start a session. Be aware that you will need some method to exit Booth mode.

2. Mouse button options - Here you can program a command that Booth will do when a mouse button is pressed. For example, a left mouse click can start a session. If you are using a touch screen you will want to disable anything on a left mouse click because Windows will interpret and touch on the screen as a left mouse click and then start the session.

3. Here you can set a hidden area on a touchscreen that will exit the booth mode.

4. Here you have options to start the session by face detection, voice or a physical button.
    You can also use face detection to print a copy for each person that is detected.

5. This option is used in conjunction with a payment acceptor

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