Darkroom Pro, Core & Assembly 9.2 Downloads and Release Notes

Darkroom Pro, Core & Assembly 9.2 Downloads and Release Notes

Build  9.2.2405 (04/02/2021)

Core 9.20.2405
Pro 9.20.2405

Assembly 9.2.2405


  1. US Mobile carriers list for email to sms option

Build  9.2.2402 (03/10/2021)

Core 9.20.2402
Pro 9.20.2402
Assembly 9.2.2402


  • An issue logging into a Dropbox account

Build  9.2.2392 (06/03/2020)


  • An issue that caused a Visual Studio Run time error in some cases when using Hotfolder and social input
  • Ann issue when adding Evetgallery posting that caused an Invalid Argument Error

Build 9.2.2390 (04/10/2020)



  1. Issue with digital delivery adding a package border twice
  2. Issue with media remaining incorrectly reported using the DNP 620 printer


Build 9.2.2384 (12/06/2019)

  1. Resolves an issue with email sending created in 9.2.2382

Build 9.2.2382 (11/26/2019)

  1. Support for eventgallery.com direct posting
  2. Direct drivers for Mitsubishi printers
    1. CPK60D
    2. CPD70DW
    3. CPD80DW
    4. CPD90DW

Build 9.2.2370 (02/01/2019)

  1. Activation changes in Core

Build 9.2.2361 (12/07/2018)

Download Assembly v9.2.2361

  1. 5x5 and 6x6 print size support for DNP and Bravia printers
  2. Updated to latest Facebook API 3.2
  3. Nikon D850, D7500, Z7
  4. Canon EOS R
  5. Improvements of use of watermark in Event presentation mode
  6. Additional control of menus visible during Event presentation mode
  7. Allows referencing attached image in HTML email
  8. New networking system for client/server with detection for Windows 10 Build 1803
  9. Improvements to Twilio and Dropbox setup and configuration
  10. Assembly Edition - ability for import wizard to sort by filename
  11. Chroma-key outlines (beta feature)
  1. Missing mobile carriers file (for sending to phone using email without requiring Twilio)
  2. Problem validating certain jpg image files when read across network shared drives
  3. Sending multiple emails with attachments to same email address
  4. Problem with template objects set with rotation, custom mask, and as floating
  5. Order name no longer defaults to the Event Name when working under the Event Category
  6. Advanced Tilt failed under certain conditions
  7. iOS email preview issue

Build 9.2.2258 (11/09/2017)
  1. Support DNP panoramic 8-inch sizes. re-test extended sizes 6x16, 6x24, 8x20, 8x30
  2. Allows email to cell-phone via phone carrier. Email dialog shows an option to send to phone via known carrier.
  1. An issue printing 7x10's to DX100
  2. An issue printing 5x7’s to DX100
  3. A problem flipping transparent graphics in template
  4. A problem reading certain Canon .cr2 raw files
  5. Removing authorization for Instagram
  6. 5x8 print size listed correctly in 8-inch print sizes (previously it was a 5x8 on an 8x10 sheet rather than a true 5x8)
  7. Use of bold and italic fonts within XBDRs (XBDrs cannot be saved in Core/Pro currently, but can be used)
  8. Update to Facebook api 2.10. No changes to functionality, but future-proofs against Facebook retiring 2.9 api.

Build 9.2.2253 (08/08/2017)


  1. DNP DS620 driver
  2. DNP DS820 diver
  3. Panoramic print sizes directly supported for DNP DS620 and 820
  4. Nikon camera D5600 supported
  5. Added new Canon cameras
  6. Updated to Dropbox v2 support
  7. Feature to duplicate an image object on a template loaded in the workshop page. Also able to move objects up/down in drawing order
  8. 8x26 panoramic for DNP
  9. Extra image output option for Noritsu QSS and NPS minilabs
  10. Allows panoramic posts to Facebook
  11. Support for Fine Matte and Luster on DNP DS620 and DS820
  1. Hot folder camera works correctly if set to Do not replace in Photo Workshop
  2. Fixes an issue with the DX100 with the version 4.0 driver
  3. Customer name now displays correctly on Catalogs tagged as a Portrait session
  4. Fixes a green screen issue with certain image sizes
  5. Log in issue with Twillio accounts
  6. larger easier-to-use numeric keypad for entering phone numbers for sending photos via text message
  7. 4-inch roll size to list of roll sizes available for custom size selection for DX100
  8. Crash if a graphic image with alphachannel was being stretched larger and was positioned where it was partially clipped off the top left of the template
  9. Updated facebook support
  10. DS80 lifetime print count to display properly converted quantity
  11. Problems with image harvesting from certain sources if http header did not contain a content-length tag
  12. Issues with file sharing violations being generated by PhotoTasks (such as digital media output to a folder).
  13. Updated Photoreflect support
  14. Problem for very high-resolution photos used with Chromakey/green-screen dropout. Previously, the middle hue color may not be calculated correctly resulting in a poor dropout.
  15. Updates to Crop-to-Face and face-centering template features
  16. Interaction issues between Hot Folder Camera and option to not update workshop page when a new photo is acquired.
  17. Printing to a DX100 where first 1 or 2 prints might have failed due to a timing issue connecting to the driver
  18. fixed problem with Chromakey dropout when forcing a blue-screen dropout (and image contains a large amount of green pixels).
  19. Name stored into the order to be correct even if the event is a portrait event. The customer information should not be over-ridden by the portrait session name
  20. Fixed a crash on the workshop page related to the Color Picker (used for templates with selectable colors) and the UNDO feature
  21. Updates to Instagram harvesting
  22. Printing to Fujifilm DL650 where 4x6s were rotated wrong but only if printed to a 152-mm roll and the printer bleed size was set to 1 pixel

Build 9.2.2233 (9/16/2016)
  1. New Canon SDK
  2. New Nikon SDK
  3. New built in driver for the DNP DS-620
  4. Support for the new Fuji DX100 EX driver

Build 9.20.2216 (1/20/2016)
  1. Fixed issue with Canon Camera tethering images left in Temp Folder.
  2. Fixed issue with Twilio signup failing.
  3. Fixed red eye removal.
  4. Fixed Sony camera file issue with Hot Folder Camera.
  5. Fixed Facebook image gathering.
  6. Fixed Assembly Edition data entry crash issue.

Build 9.20.2210 (9/25/2015)
  1. Fixed Post to Facebook Page
  2. Ctrl-hotkeys re-enabled
  3. Fix for sporadic problems uploading images to Labtricity

Build 9.20.2208 (9/1/2015)
  1. Fixed Photo data not saving
  2. Fixed sort order when publishing to Photoreflect

Build 9.20.2203 (7/09/2015)

  1. Fixed an issue where Digital Media Items were not saved in the proper format.
  2. Added the ability to burn Digital Media to the local client in a Client/Server environment.

Build 9.2.2201 (6/22/2015)

  1. Nikon D750 support
  2. Canon 7D support
  3. Import photo via Email (Email in)
  4. Photo email with a template
  5. Support for multiple hot folders
  6. Dropbox Harvest
  7. Facebook Harvest
  8. Instagram Harvest
  9. MMS Import with Twillio
  10. Add template to Digital Media
  11. Updated Digital Delivery dialog
  12. Facebook posting
  13. Text / MMS photo via Twillio
  14. Dropbox post with email prompt
  15. Digital delivery from a client in Client/Server setup

Build 9.2.2176 (2/6/2015)

  1. Fixed border group selection issue from 2174
  2. Fixed shipping options not sticking in Setup

Build 9.2.2174
  1. Ciaat Brava21 Direct Driver Added
  2. Printer Load Balancing Improved
  3. Nikon D610 and D810 Added
  4. Fuji DX100 HQ Mode Support
  5. Added look up text fields from a CSV file
  6. Edits to image nodes were now saved
  7. Activated version saves edits to templates
  8. Interlaced and CMYK files supported
  9. Shooting into a border will fill numerically
  1. Fixed CD burning from cart
  2. Fixed prompt for copies with digital delivery items
  3. Fixed camera connect button in Photo Library
  4. Fixed alignment for 2x6 with DNP printers
  5. Fixed DVD and Blue ray burning

  1. Can now sort by "Printed" flag
  2. Changes to Canon Rebel XT Tethering.
  1. Fix for using dongle with RemoteDesktop.
  2. Fix for Fuji DX100 direct driver color control setting.
  3. Fix for browse color profile.
  4. Fix for QR code barcode dialog.

Build 9.2.2159
  1. Core activation support
  2. New Green Screen algorithm
  3. New Green screen Masking tool
  4. New DX-100 print driver in Core and Pro
  5. Added direct print drivers to Core for Dye sub printers
  6. QR code generation
  7. Live view for Nikon cameras
  8. Facial detection based head size matching
  1. Better support for interlaced PNG and JPG files in borders
  2. Better support for progressive PNG and JPG files in borders
  3. Better support for CMYK JPG files in borders

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