Edit Mode and Booth Stickers

Edit Mode and Booth Stickers

Edit mode allows you to add virtual Props, Doodle on the image and resize and crop the photo. To add virtual props to your print template open the template in the editor then;
  1. Click on the Add Artwork icon then in the properties window select Graphic List (item 1)
  2. To allow the user to move, scale and rotate the strip select Floating. To not allow that choose Fixed. Relative links 2 images together so they move together.
  3. Check Booth Stickers to set this as a virtual prop that will allow adding at the end
  4. In the Text tab check Edit Mode
  5. To set allowed colors for the pen selection click Pen Settings
  6. Select 5 colors to choose from for pen color
Note: You can use most graphic formats but PNG with transparency is best. Any size will generally work but larger than 600x600 pixels will load more slowly and is not really beneficial. You can locate a number of stock graphic sites on the web for images.

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