Event Report and Information

Event Report and Information

This screen contains a summary of that event's data including; the number of photo sessions, number of email shares, and number of SMS shares as well as an option to download an event report.

To get to an individual event's Event Information page, tap on the event of interest within the Event List screen.

Event Report

To download an event report, within the Event Information page tap "Download Event Data". This will open up the iOS share dialog so you can AirDrop/email/upload to Dropbox/etc. the CSV file.

The event report contains: event name, event date, last used date, SMS shares, email shares, total shares. It also contains the date stamp for each share and the recipient (e.g. telephone number or email address).

The event report is great to use as part of your database to send marketing material to users after the event or to provide to clients.

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