Get Organized Using QR Slate Cards

Get Organized Using QR Slate Cards


Setup and Options

You can choose from these options

  1. Use a “Command” code (see below)
  2. Rename images on import based on the QR code (multiple images will add a number to the end of the QR code data)
  3. Add the QR data to the EXIF comments field
  4. Create a new sub catalog based on QR code data

The current QR code commands codes  handled are:

(new subevent under top-level event)


new subevent 01, 02, ...


new subevent with 3 digit numbering:  001, 002, 003, ...    
This works for *S1 thru *S9.  Really only needed if you know you will exceed 99 subevents.


new subevent with specific name (re-used if already exists)


new subevent with specific name numbered in order:  name01, name02, name03
This will always create the new subevent and never reuse an existing subevent
Any number of digits can be specified, e.g. #### or #####
Subevent numbering can be specified anywhere in string, e.g. *S=prefix####suffix

Note that all of the basic commands use a capital S

Export images and retain catalog structure as the folder structure.

1. Create a digital media package and add %catalogname% to the end of the destination folder path.

2. Use The batch option with the settings below to process all the image in the catalog.

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