How do I set Photo to Phone using Twilio

How do I set Photo to Phone using Twilio

Notice: Twilio will require you to register your account to continue using after August 31, 2023.
You will need to log into your Twilio account register your account. Here is a link with a little more info.

1. Copy and paste you SID from your Twilio account.
2. Copy and paste you AuthToken from your Twilio account.
3. Select your phone number. If you have added a "friendly name" in Twilio you will want replace the friendly name with the phone number.
4. Click the test button to make sure it is properly configured.

* Dropbox is no longer required when using Twilio to send an SMS message.

Older Versions of Booth

To add your Twilio account to Darkroom follow these steps.

1. Go to Global settings>Email and Social Media
2. If you have already added your Twilio account, remove it.
3. Click add and select Twilio.
5. Copy and paste the SID and token from a browser to Darkroom
6. Click refresh and select your Twilio ph#

note* If you are using a "Friendly Name" with the phone number you will need to remove that as well.

Hope this helps and I did not mean to yell. :)

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