Save a Digital File Every Time You Print - Darkroom Core

Save a Digital File Every Time You Print - Darkroom Core

Here is a quick video on how to output a digital file every time you print.

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      (1) With your package group selected in the Setup tab, click Add Package. (2) Give the package a name. (3) you can check the option for quick print so that it processes a little faster. (4) Click Add Local Print Item (5) Select the Digital Delivery ...
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      1. Select the images you wish to save. 2. Right-click on one of the images. 3. Select "Create Digital Media". 4. Choose your output folder. 5. Select the template you would like to add. 6. Click "Copy to Folder".
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      To help you get started, Download and unzip this ini file and then save it directly to your X-drive. Download custom size file. After restarting Darkroom, you should see a few custom sizes already set up. The CustomPage.ini can be updated using ...
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      Here is a quick click on a best practice for saving you templates in Darkroom Core. Organizing Your Templates It is a good idea to save the folder in X:\Template\Borders\ that way when you move to a new PC everything remains relative to the X-Drive ...
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      Here is a downloadable PDF Version P H O T O  L I B R A R Y  S H O R T C U T  K E Y S KEY DESCRIPTION KEY DESCRIPTION + View More Photos / Decrease thumbnail size V Vertical / Portrait Orientation - View Less Photos / Increase thumbnail size DELETE ...