Adding a Gmail Account to Darkroom Booth - Updated 3/8/22

Adding a Gmail Account to Darkroom Booth - Updated 3/8/22

Here is a updated video on how to add a Gmail account to Darkroom Booth.

For G-Suite Accounts:
Authenticate into your admin panel at Choose the Security Icon. Google calls the setting 2 Step Verification or 2SV, which you'll see at the top of the basic admin list inside security settings. Make sure the checkbox for “Allow users to turn on 2-step verification” is selected.

For Gmail users using the less secure apps option:
Please note that after May 30 2022 Gmail will no longer allow the less secure apps option.
We recommend switching to the App password options as soon as possible to avoid interruption.
First, you will need to enable 2 step verification in your Gmail security settings.
Then add an app password specifically for Darkroom Booth.

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