How Do I Save All of My Event Settings to Transfer to another PC?

How Do I Save All of My Event Settings to Transfer to another PC?

Darkroom Booth 3.0.802 or Higher  |  Instructional Video
Here is a short video on how to save your event setting to your screen template.

Booth themes allows you to create an event and save all of the settings and other elements of that event to a single file that can be brought into Booth and run. Once you have an event completely set up go to the Screens tab and choose "Save Settings" (item 1). This will embed all settings and related files to the single screen template. Once transferred to another computer on selecting this screen you will be prompted to create a new event or add the settings to the current. In most cases you should choose New event.

Booth Themes will also be available to purchase and download on as a complete ready to run event.

Additional notes:
  1. Although the print template is embedded it is not editable. If you might need to make changes to the print template on the new PC, it is a good idea to copy the print template separately to the new PC as well.
  2. If you are using Animated Gif within your setup the templates will need to be re-added manually to the new PC.

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