How do I Add My Printer?

How do I Add My Printer?

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Adding a Directly Supported Printer

Darkroom Booth includes a number of printer drivers for some of the most popular printers. These drivers offer faster printing and easier set up than using the manufactures Windows driver. In the Global settings section click on Add Printer in the top right and if you have one of the listed printers you can select it from that list. The printers with built in drivers are listed below. Select your printer and Darkroom Booth will detect it and configure it with the most common settings.

Directly Supported Printer List

Brava 21



Mitsubishi added 3.0.871




Adding a printer using the Windows print driver

If your printer is not in the list then from the same Add Printer menu select Windows Printer at the bottom of the list and then a list will open with all of the Windows printer installed on your computer. Follow any guidelines for printer settings provided by the manufacture of the printer. If your printer is not in the Windows list then you need to install the driver provided by the manufacture and then repeat the add printer process. Be aware that when using the Windows driver if you plug the printer into a different USB port than last time Windows will install a new copy of that driver and add copy 1, etc. to the name. Be sure you add the correct copy to the printers list in Booth. The best practice is to always plug printers into the same USB port when possible.

Once added to the list you can double-click on it to open the settings window. Click on the "Properties" button in the top right to open the Printer driver settings. If you see a small white border on your prints click on the "Advanced" button (see below).

In the advanced setup window leave most everything set to the default but in the bottom left corner is the Bleed adjustment. This will increase the print size one pixel at a time until the white border on the prints is gone. If you have 2x6 that are off center you may have the Bleed set to high. It should not be more than 30 (this is the Windows default) and should be as low as possible but still remove any white lines. In most cases start with 0 and increase slowly making a test print to see when the white line goes away. Generally around 15 is good.

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