How do I add randomization to your videos?

How do I add randomization to your videos?

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      From within the Prints Tab, click on the "Print" drop-down menu and click on Open containing folder. step1 This should open the event folder. If you see a bunch of jpg, click back one folder level. Double click on the videos folder to open and access ...
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      Here is a short video showing how to add an intro and outro videos as well as adding an external sound file to videos.
    • How Do I add videos and animations to my sessions?

      Darkroom Booth can play videos at any point during a session.". In the Global settings section under Device Control choose the session event you want the video to play at then click on Add then in that drop down choose Video. You can use video in ...
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      Darkroom Booth  |  Instructional video                                                                                                                                                 Here is a video on how add a PSD  to a template in Darkroom Booth. ...
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