How do I change the font and color of text?

How do I change the font and color of text?

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Here is a video on how to edit the placeholder text on your screen template. It has been queued up to that specific part.


Darkroom Booth uses place holders in text boxes to insert changeable text, one of these is the countdown. The countdown is displayed in the screen file as a text box with the place holder of %countdown%. You can change the font, color, size and location in the screen designer. By double clicking on the text box you can open the properties window to make these changes (see below). These options work with all text boxes and placeholders. The "Insert Special Text" button on the right of the properties window lets you add all of the possible place holders such as All Text, End Text and other options. The text for these place holders goes in the Text and Timing tab. By using place holders you can customize the look of each screen and easily change the text without having to edit the screen.

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