How do I get more fonts?

How do I get more fonts?

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How do I get more fonts?

Darkroom Booth uses the fonts you already have on your computer. You can add more fonts by adding those to Windows. Here are some helpful links to find and install fonts.

Font Websites

This is just a few links to font sites. There are many available by searching Google.

How to add fonts to Windows

      Install fonts

The fonts change when I edit a sample template Published

The Darkroom Booth screen and print template format embeds fonts into those files so they can be transferred to other computers. In this way you can design on one computer while using another for the actual booth. For copyright reasons we can not install the full font on the PC but can embed only the letters needed for that template. If you edit the template and do not have that font on your computer then Darkroom has to make a font substitution and that is what you are seeing. You may be able to locate that font online and install it on your computer then Darkroom would have access to it. Otherwise you can choose another font.

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