How Do I Install My Dongle Drivers?

How Do I Install My Dongle Drivers?

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    • How Do I Install My Dongle Drivers?

      Download Here is a link to the latest dongle driver. Click here to download the dongle driver. Video Here is a video on how to install your dongle drivers. Advanced Troubleshooting Step. If your computer is still not recognizing your dongle please ...
    • Dongle Driver Will Not Install

      Try using the dongle driver clean up tool.
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      For those who have verified their purchase/upgrade after June1, 2020 with support: 1. Install the latest build of Darkroom Core, Pro Or Assembly. 2.When you open it is ...
    • Core install Issues- The Wizard was Interrupted Error Message

      Install the Dongle Driver first
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      One of the most powerful features of Darkroom Pro has always been it's built-in direct printer drivers. These driver offer greater control, speed and flexibility than the manufactures Windows drivers. Now, Core 9.2 includes many of these drivers for ...