How do I move the keyboard from the bottom of the screen?

How do I move the keyboard from the bottom of the screen?

The default placement for the on-screen keyboard is at the bottom of the screen. For some situations like a vertical screen design, it may be desirable to have those in the middle or top of the screen. Also, with multi-monitor support, you may want to have those on a different monitor. Here are the steps to do that;

In the screen template in the lower right corner with the screen in a landscape orientation will be an icon labeled "Add Input" (see screenshot below). This will add a dotted line rectangle on your screen. you can move this to where you want the keyboard. This will only apply to events using this screen template. If you have a vertically oriented screen some of the icons may not show along the bottom and you can either choose "Add" along the top menu or right-click and choose Add to get to those options. 

Here is a quick clip on how to move the keyboard to the top of the screen.

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