How do I use a bar code scanner with preprinted bar code cards in Darkroom Core

How do I use a bar code scanner with preprinted bar code cards in Darkroom Core

In this workflow, the photographer will capture an image and Darkroom will ask for a filename. The bar code is then scanned and becomes the file name. To retrieve the image at the sales station, click F2 to search and then scan the bar code. Images with matching filenames will display. The same code can be used more than once, as the software will add a sequence number to the end of the file name.

Setup for Customer Driven File Naming

Notes for creating your preprinted bar code cards.
• The preprinted card should use the code39 font.
• You must add leading and trailing asterisk to the code so the scanner knows where the code begins and ends.
• Please be sure to test this thoroughly before doing a large run of pre-printed cards.


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