How do I use Attract Mode?

How do I use Attract Mode?

The Attract mode phase is a time when the photo booth is idle and not in use. You can use Attract Mode to display any one of several things on the screen during this idle time to help advertise or "attract" people to use it.

Video - To play a short video clip you can add your video in the Device Control section of Global Settings (see below). When the booth is not in use for more than 2 minutes it will play the video full screen and can be set to loop. Touching the screen will cause the video to go away and go to right to the ready screen.

Still Image or Slideshow - You can use the Slideshow feature to display either the photo strips, the individual images or a series of images in a saved folder. You can do these in combination or singly using the slideshow options. In the Slideshow tab select the option you want and choose the Attract Mode option for where to display. This will also start after 2 minutes of idle time and go away when they touch the screen.

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