How to Automatically Save a File When You Print in Darkroom Core

How to Automatically Save a File When You Print in Darkroom Core

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      Here is a quick video on how to output a digital file every time you print.
    • How do I add custom print sizes to Darkroom Core?

      To help you get started, Download and unzip this ini file and then save it directly to your X-drive. Download custom size file. After restarting Darkroom, you should see a few custom sizes already set up. The CustomPage.ini can be updated using ...
    • Batch Save Images with a Template - Darkroom Core

      1. Select the images you wish to save. 2. Right-click on one of the images. 3. Select "Create Digital Media". 4. Choose your output folder. 5. Select the template you would like to add. 6. Click "Copy to Folder".
    • Email File Size and Compression Settings

      Darkroom Core and Pro 9.3.2788 or higher now has the option to specify your jpg compression setting. Older Method Darkroom will automatically compress your file when emailing for a faster more reliable transfer. Please note jpg compression will not ...
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      (1) With your package group selected in the Setup tab, click Add Package. (2) Give the package a name. (3) you can check the option for quick print so that it processes a little faster. (4) Click Add Local Print Item (5) Select the Digital Delivery ...