How to setup Server/Client Network using Darkroom Pro & Core

How to setup Server/Client Network using Darkroom Pro & Core

Recommendations for networking two or more computers together.

The computers need to be on the same workgroup or domain, so they can see each other. Right-click on This PC, go to properties, then computer name to see the workgroup.

Select one computer to be the Server and it needs to be running Darkroom Pro. This is the computer to which printers are connected and where the pictures will be stored. It will share its “Photos” folder on the network with the client computer. In Darkroom, go to Setup/Network Options and click the radio button under Server Computer. On the server computer you will need to share the photos folder (See detailed instructions below).

Go to your other computer(s) running Pro or Core and set them to Client by going to Setup/Network Options and clicking the radio button under Client Computer: Sales stations, Capture stations, Preview stations, Kiosks. You can also change these settings on the login screen (by clicking Network Options).

Photos taken from either computer will be stored on the Server and the Server’s Photos/Catalogs will be visible on either machine.

Orders placed on the client will go to the server and print.

You will need to share the Photos folder on the Pro/server computer and configure settings in network and sharing center.

1. Browse to C:\Users\Public\Documents\Darkroom Software
2. Right click on the photos folder, select properties then click on the sharing tab
3. Click Advanced sharing and select "Share this folder"-see figure 1
4. Share name should be Photos
5. Click permissions, everyone should have full control. Click apply and ok-see - figure 2.
6. Click on the security tab, click on Everyone and make sure everyone has full control
7. On both the server and client computers go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center, click on Change advanced sharing settings.
8. Turn network discovery on under Private
9. Turn on file and printer sharing
10. Under All Networks turn off password protected sharing
11. On the Core client under setup\network options, set to manually specify the server \\servercomputername. See figure 3
12. On both the server and client computer under setup\network options change the port to 8080, close the software after making the change and reopen. If you do not see an option for the port, download and run this registry update.