How to Use Darkroom Hot Folder

How to Use Darkroom Hot Folder

  Darkroom Hot Folder Application Required   |  Video Instructions 
Darkroom Hotfolder App allows you to easily manage a folder of images and auto-print to a connected printer.                 


Here is a quick introduction and setup guide to Darkroom Hot Holder.


  1. Option to auto-post to
  2. Browsable queue for easy reprints.
  3. Auto detect and configure a connected printer using Darkroom's built in print drivers.
  4. Select and print to a connected Windows printer.
  5. Simple plug-and-play printing using Darkroom's awesome print engine.
The following printers are directly supported and do not require driver installation.
  1. Ciaat Brava 21
  2. DNP DS40
  3. DNP DS80
  4. DNP RX-1 and RX1HS
  5. DNP DS620
  6. DNP DS820
  7. Mitsubishi CPD70DW
  8. Mitsubishi CPD80DW
  9. Mitsubishi CPD90DW
  10. Mitsubishi CPK60D

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