How do I insert event data into a template

How do I insert event data into a template

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Booth 2 now has now improved the ability to insert event data into a screen or print template. This will allow you to use data fields to insert information such as the event name, date or other info and use the same template customized with that info. An added benefit is that if you have an incorrect date or name for the event you can just correct it in the event properties and reprint the photo strips or re-export them to correct it. This data fields can be used in Screen and print templates as well as in the slideshow.

Here are the possible data fields and the result.

Name - use %Event% to insert the Event field contents

Date - Choose the date of the event and then use any of the following. you can also combine them for different result, for example, %EventMonth% %EventYear% would return April 2015

April 01. 2015

Description - %EventDesc%

Notes - %EventNote%

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