Installation and Activation

Installation and Activation

Darkroom Booth requires activation for full use. When you purchase Booth, you will receive an 18 digit activation code via email. First, download Booth and double-click to install. When you run Darkroom Booth it will ask if you want to Activate. Choose yes and enter your 18 digit activation code. After that Booth will be licensed to run in full mode.

Activation requires brief internet access. You will also need internet access to deactivate Booth to move your license to a different computer (Booth is licensed to be run on one computer at a time, but does allow two concurrent activation's).

To deactivate Booth and transfer the license to another computer go to the Global settings section under System Info (see Item #1 below) and at the top of that page choose "Deactivate this computer" (see Item #2 below). You will need to know your code to deactivate (see Item #3 below). If you do not remember the code you can enter the password you created when you activated to display the code. This will not deactivate at that point but will only display the code used. Once you deactivate you can activate another computer. Uninstalling the software does not remove the activation. Be sure and deactivate then uninstall. If you forget you can reinstall the software, then deactivate, then uninstall again.

In trial mode, Booth is not time limited but does watermark any prints or email output with our logo and video recording is disabled. You can create, edit and layout screen and print templates with the trial for use on an activated version and the watermark will be removed.

Booth is Windows software and there is no Mac version. Booth will run in Boot Camp, but not in virtual environments (no Parallels or Fusion).


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