Live Gallery Feed

Live Gallery Feed

  Event Gallery Subscription Required   | Step By Step Instructions 


‚ÄčOn Darkroom Event Gallery, you can enable you galleries to set up a live feed with a unique URL which can be shown on screens at events for guests to see.

Note: Enabling Live Feed will not interfere with your other gallery settings (e.g. watermarks, password protection, hidden galleries).

1. Gallery Settings

Live feeds can be enabled when creating a gallery, or when editing your gallery.

To learn how to create a gallery, read our article here

To edit your gallery, click on the one you would like to enable the live feed for, and in the top right corner, click on 'Settings'

2. Live Feed Settings

Live Feed settings can be accessed by clicking on 'Advanced Settings'. 

Here you can enable or disable Live Feed for your gallery. Once enabled, you have a few options to manage how the live feed will run. 


  • Pictures duration
  • Logo duration
  • Logo animation duration
  • Background color
  • Display order (Newest first, pictures mix, or random order)

You can also upload a logo to be shown on the live feed. 

Press 'Save' once you are satisfied with the changes. 

3. Accessing Your Live Feed

Your live feed will share the same URL as the gallery, with /live added to the end.


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