How do I use Photoshop droplets in Darkroom Booth.

How do I use Photoshop droplets in Darkroom Booth.

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Here is a quick video on how to build and use Photoshop droplet with Darkroom Booth.


Booth 3 now supports Photoshop droplets to add photo effects to images. Droplets are a series of recorded steps that are compiled to an executable file.

Here are the simple steps to use a droplet. In the print template, select the photo node you want to apply the droplet to then open the Properties dialog for that Photo Object.
  1. Under Advanced select Apply color Effect (item 1) then Droplet (item 2)
  2. Click Edit and browse to the location you have the droplet saved to. (item 3)
  3. You should add the droplet to any photo object you want the effect on and each Photo Object can have a different droplet
Things to consider
  • You will need a version of Photoshop installed on the same computer that will play your droplet. You should test this outside of Darkroom Booth to make sure the droplet works
  • Your droplet needs to not require any interaction so that it can be executed and return the image to Booth without stopping.
  • Your droplet should end with the following commands "flatten", "Save" and "close"
  • Some droplets can be very complex and take from a few seconds to a minute to complete. Test outside of Darkroom Booth to see how long it takes
  • For complex effects, you may need to have a computer with an i5 or i7 processor to maintain a smooth flow
If you are looking for droplets to use you can do a search on the web for "Photoshop actions" and then those can be saved in Photoshop as a droplet.

Where to Buy Droplets

Here is a website you can purchase Droplets from that work with Darkroom Booth.

Here is a link to download the droplet created in this video.

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