How do I print and save samples of my templates?

How do I print and save samples of my templates?

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Printing and Saving Samples

Booth2 has the ability to easily print or save a sample image of a print template.
In the choose menu in the Prints template section you can right click and choose to save or print a sample. This will pull images from a sample folder on the X drive and either save or print. There are samples for both regular and green screen images and you can replace those with your own. Those are located on the X drive in a folder named SamplePhotos. See info below to explain how to change those to your own.

Changing the stock photos

You are encouraged to replace the stock samples with your own images. Simply copy images into the provided folders. Images will be sorted alphabetically by filename and used in that order. Only .jpg files are supported for the sample files. You can name your images with any filename you want. img_0001.jpg, mysample1.jpg, etc. are acceptable It is recommended that you provide regular sample photos (taken on any background) and green-screen samples (taken with a green backdrop). Copy regular samples into Session1, Session2, Session3, ... folders. Copy green-screen samples into Green1, Green2, ... folders. Darkroom Booth will choose the correct sample photos to use based on the template being printed or previewed. Only the sample photos in Session1 and Green1 will be used for sample prints and previews. The additional sample sessions (if any) will be used for previewing slideshows.
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