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Settings > Slideshow Menu

Slideshow - General

*Please note that choosing Basic slide show will result in a plain white background with a simple dissolve of each photo strip every 5 seconds. If you have a 2nd monitor, it will display on that monitor. If you only have one monitor, it will display on that main monitor as a screensaver type slideshow during idle time only. Pressing any button or the screen with a touch screen will exit and go back to the regular start screen. For more options please choose custom and see below.

1. Slideshow mode 
  • Off - No slideshow
  • Basic - A simple, one click slideshow that consists of the single output strip full screen changing every 5 seconds on a white background.
  • Custom - Complete control over the slideshow using the features listed below
2. Manage
  • Load - Load a saved slideshow configuration
  • Save - Save the current slideshow configuration
  • Reset - reset the image list on the current slideshow. this will keep all of the current settings but start the image display over
  • Generate - Recreate the slideshow from the beginning after making configuration changes
  • Open slideshow folder - This will open the containing folder for all of the slide show files
3. General Slideshow Options
  • Time to show slide - How long the slide is on screen
  • Enable navigation controls - Pause, Play forward and back. These will only display on a networked slideshow. Great for use with a touch screen
  • Enable transition effect - Dissolve, slide and other transition effects
  • Background Music - Must will only play on a networked computer. For a local computer use the regular sound feature in Booth.
  • Show only most recent n images - This will only allow the most recent images to show. The default is 50
  • Images max width - The size of images generated for the slide show. For best results on most monitors use 1920 x 1080
  • Image max height - See above
  • Display text - This is a line of text to display on the screen. You can use this for for company name or other static text. It will appear in the lower right of the screen
  • Background Color - Choose the color of the slideshow screen background
  • Background Graphic - You can add an image in JPG format to be the slide show background. GIF files can also be use to have a motion background
  • Add drop shadow to images - This will add a drop shadow to images
  • Add gap between images - the default is for images to bump right against each other. This check box will add a small gap between them
4. Where to Display - These options allow you to choose where the slide show will display
  • Generate Slideshow to Disk only - This will create the slideshow files but only save those to disk. This is useful for displaying on networked computers or with Google Chrome
  • Display on secondary monitor - if you have a 2nd monitor attached to the computer this option will display the slideshow there.
  • Display slideshow between booth sessions - this option will use the main monitor and display the slideshow only during idle time. Any touch on the screen, keyboard or button will take you to the start screen.
5. What to Display - You can choose the photo strips or the original photos as well as additional template options for each.
  • Arrangements - This allows you to choose rows and columns for the slide show. Clicking on the edit button will let you choose from a series of graphic representations.
  • Show original photos - This option will show the images from the camera. You can also add a template to add graphics or green screen backgrounds.
  • Show output strips - This option will display the photo strips in the slideshow. The default print strip will be displayed but you can also add a different template as well.
  • Mix in folder 1 - Mix in allows setting a folder of images that can be "mixed into" the slideshow and set intervals. This can be JPG or PNG images including ads, information or other photos
  • Mix in folder 2 - Use this to add a 2nd group of images at a different interval. This could be images of the bride and groom's engagement session at a wedding, for example.
  • Mix in Survey/Quiz results - If you are using a Survey or Quiz you can mix in results in a pie chart form.
6. Generate an extra slideshow - if you have more than 1 column or row you can display extra images or survey/quiz in one or more set locations.

7. Social media harvesting for slideshow display
  • Dropbox - Mix in photos that are saved to a Dropbox folder
  • Email - Booth can receive images by email and add those to a slideshow
  • Facebook - Harvest images from a Facebook account and add to a slideshow
  • Instagram - Harvest images with a specific hashtag and add to a slideshow
  • Text message - Booth can receive images sent buy text using a Twillio number and add those to a slideshow
8. Composite Slideshow - create separate areas of the screen for different slideshow channels. For example, have the booth images show on one side while images harvested from Instagram display on the other.

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