SMS Configuration- using Messagebird

SMS Configuration- using Messagebird

How it works
When a user sends an SMS from the Darkroom Booth for iPad App, the image is uploaded to your sharing provider (Dropbox or OneDrive), where creates a sharing link.
This sharing link is then sent in the SMS message to the users. If no cloud storage is configured within the Darkroom Booth for iPad App, a blank message will be sent.
You must have your sharing and SMS providers configured prior to using this setting.

Messagebird Set Up
To configure Messagebird in the Darkroom Booth for iPad App, you must set up an API Access Key. Messagebird allows for multiple API Access Keys, and each can be assigned to your specific needs.

Set up API Access Key
Within your Messagebird account go to Dashboard/Developers/Access, from here you can set up an API Access Key.

This can be done through the API access (REST) tab. Click on Add access key

In the popup, create your new live access key.

Your new API Access Key has been created and can be used in the Darkroom Booth for iPad App.
Darkroom Booth for iPad Configuration

1. From Name
This can be your business name, up to 11 characters.
2. API Access Key
Type in your API Access Key. See above for API Access creation
3. Send Test Text
Please remember to include your country code.

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