Settings > Text

Settings > Text

1. Text fields - Booth screen templates can have text placeholders for these text fields. For example, a screen can have a text box containing %endtext% and the contents of the End Text field will be entered there. Placeholders like %countdown text% allow control of how, where, when and the font that text will appear on the screen. For example, a text box containing %end text% will have the text from the End text field inserted in the selected font and location. Placeholders can be inserted to
any text box by selecting the "Insert Special Text" button in the text properties window. Possible placeholders are; 

  • Text
  • Countdown
  • Start Text
  • Ready Text
  • End Text
  • Video Start Text
  • Video End Text
  • Video Timer
  • Video Remaining
There are fields for a variety of booth events like start, end, video. etc.. You can also set the prompt for email and copies as well. If you do not wish to use this feature just remove the text and leave it blank.

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