How do I create and add my own filters?

How do I create and add my own filters?

Darkroom Booth 3.0.802 or Higher  |  Documentation
Booth 3 now includes a filter engine and includes 6 preset filters. You can also add new ones or edit the existing ones. To use a filter in your screen template add one or more buttons and set the Apply Filter (item 1). Then click Choose (item 2) and pick a filter from the drop down menu (item 3). The user can select that button to start a session and use that filter. Here is a link to view examples of filters.

To edit or create your own filters go to the x drive and locate the Filters folder. There you will find the included filters. You can edit or create the text files in notepad and saved with the filter name with .json as the extension.

Below are details on creating a filter

Attribute name is in double quotes followed by a colon and then  the value. Values are strings in double-quotes or just integer or floating-point numbers. Each line ends with a comma, except the last attribute before }

For example - This is the text from the B&W Beauty Filter Heavy { "ColorEffect" : "grayscale", "Contrast":1.1, "Focus":-5, "Exposure":-1.0 }

Possible options are;

"Brightness":0.0 to 2.6,
"Contrast":"auto" or "Contrast":0.0 to 2.0,
"Exposure":-2.0 - 2.0,
"Focus":-10 to 10,
"Saturation":-100 to 100
"Shadows"-80 to 80
"Tone":-10 to 10

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