Using a Custom Domain

Using a Custom Domain

Event Gallery Subscription Required  | For Advanced Users Only         

Darkroom Event Gallery sites can be accessed by a URL, as well as a custom domain
(or subdomain). To access your galleries by a custom domain, follow these steps:

Configure Event Gallery

  1. Go to “Customization” tab in your Account Settings.
  2. Enter your chosen domain in “Custom domain” text field.
  3. Press SAVE.

Configure your Domain

To make your domain work with Event Gallery, the domain needs to be “pointed” to our
server. This is done in the “host records” or “DNS”.

You need to create an A Record pointing to our target IP address of

For example, if you choose “” as your custom domain, you will
need to create an A Record for this domain at your domain registrar with:

  • Type: A
  • Name: photos (or
  • Value:

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