Using Darkroom Booth to Capture and Print Face Masks

Using Darkroom Booth to Capture and Print Face Masks

Here is a quick video to show you how you can use Darkroom Booth to capture and print face masks.

Here is a link to the sample templates and files.
Please feel free to modify the graphics to match the printer and masks that you are using.

Here is a link to the printer referred to in the video above.

Note: It is a good idea to mirror transfer prints as they will be mirrored back when they are transferred.

Printing Instructions provided by Imaging Spectrum
Mask Printing can be handled in a variety of ways with the most cost effective being dye-sublimation printing onto a polyester material. Although utilizing the same concept as thermal printers, these sublimation printers lay down sublimation ink to a transfer sheet which is then heated and applied to the material.As simple as that you have a custom design embedded into fabric with great wash ability and vibrant colors. For more information on dye-sublimation printing you can contact Imaging Spectrum or email us at

Here is a link to the Imaging Spectrum Training Center

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