Using Postmark to Send Email from Darkroom Core

Using Postmark to Send Email from Darkroom Core

  1. Create Postmark account

  2. Add one Server on Postmark (or use the default "My First Server")
  3. Generate a Server API Token for the Postmark Server to be used.

  4. Under Sender Signatures on Postmark, add a domain or signature.  e.g. add a specific email address to be used as the "From" email address for messages sent through Postmark.

  5. For the Sender Signature, you have to verify at least the "Return-Path" in order for the sender signature to become active.
  6. In Darkroom Core, add a Postmark email account in Global Settings - Social Media Accounts. 
  7. Copy the API Token and sender email address into the Darkroom Core settings.
  8. The Sender Name, Reply To email address, and Message Stream are optional and may be left blank.
  9. Try sending a test email message


Postmark accounts start out in "Test Mode".   In that mode emails can only be sent to certain domains.  For example if you verify in your Sender Signatures, then you can only send outbound emails to  


You can send one or more test emails using the Test button in Darkroom Core's Postmark settings page.  Once a test message has been sent, you can click the Request Approval button on your Postmark account's menu bar.  You will then have to answer a short survey to request approval of your Postmark account.


Once approved, you will also need to specify Billing Details and select a Postmark billing plan.