Using the Language Translation Options in Darkroom Booth

Using the Language Translation Options in Darkroom Booth


Setting a Default Language

Adding a Language Button to a Screen Template


Adding Additional Languages

The translation table files are saved in X:\Translate

The Translation files are set to read only. If you would like to modify one of the files, open it in notepad and save it as a new file with a new name. This step is very important.
Now you can make changes to the translation template and save without affecting the included translation files.

If you are adding a completely new language, it is a good idea to start with the EN.txt file as it contains most of the common text field. You would just need to add the corresponding translation.

You can also update the text from the Text menu by adding the text from each text field to your text file. see screenshot below.

That option also works for text added to the screen templates including buttons.

Additional Documentation
# Format the translation text files as follows

# Save the files as UTF-8 or UTF-16 text file with BOM
# Line format:   original string=translated string
# Alternate format:  "original string" = "translated string"

# Text after a hashtag/pound sign # is considered a comment and ignored
# Be careful to preserve and translate punctuation

# Example Language Codes:  EN English, DE German, ES Spanish, FR French
# In the application, go to System Information screen to see the Language Code for your default Windows Language

# You should create new translation files rather than editing the original files, for example:  create ES-01.txt instead of editing ES.txt
# To change any of the standard translations, redefine in a new text file.
# You may supply multiple translations files, for example:  DE-01.txt, DE-02.txt
# Files are processed in alphanumeric order and later definitions override earlier ones, so redefinitions in DE-01.txt override definitions in DE.txt

# For short strings, only the mixed-case translations need to be defined.
#     ALL-CAPS and lower-case translations are automatic
#     For example, define  Stop=Alto  (STOP=ALTO and stop=alto are automatic)
#     You may define your own ALL-CAPS or lower-case translations in cases where the automatic translations are incorrect
#     For strings of more than 3 words, you must provide translations for the actual case you use.

# if there is no text after the equal sign, then string is not translated
# use:  original string="" to translate a string to an empty string

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