Why do I keep getting a "Retaking" message?

Why do I keep getting a "Retaking" message?

This message is often the result of the camera not being able to focus. To verify that this is or is not the issue set the camera to manual focus and try testing it again. Because this issue can affect the camera drivers, it is a good idea to restart the Pc to get a fresh start.

*Please note that manual focus and Manual the exposure mode are different settings. The switch to set manual focus in on the camera lens ranter than the camera body.

If it works better when using manual focus:
1. You can add more light so that it is easier for the camera to focus.
2. You can change the focusing points or mode.
3. You can pre-focus the camera and leave it on manual focus.

If you continue to receive this error message after you have switched to manual focus and restarted the PC, you will want to check the connection to the camera by replacing the USB cable and/or USB hub that is used to connect the camera to the computer.

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