Your First 10 Minutes with Booth

Your First 10 Minutes with Booth

Darkroom Booth is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, but it does have quite a few features. Watch the video to the right or read below:

Event Management
Booth includes some “Sample Events” that you can use as templates to get started quickly. We recommend duplicating one or more of the sample events to practice on (that way you can always go back to the “original” to see it’s settings). To duplicate an event, click on it, then go to the Booth Events menu at the top, and choose “Duplicate Event”.

Setup your printer/output options
Before you “Start Booth” in the bottom left, make sure you have your “output” options set correctly (print, email, etc). This is done on the Settings- Main tab. To
setup your printer, click on the “Global Settings” button in the top right, then click on Printer Options. Darkroom Booth has built-in drivers for several printers, if yours is not listed, just add the “Windows Printer” toward the bottom of the list. Tell Darkroom what sizes your printer can print and you should be good to go. If you want to send emails, you'll need to
setup at least one "from" account in Global Settings, Email Accounts.

Booth Control/Triggering
Darkroom Booth supports touchscreen, keyboard, mouse, and serial inputs to start a booth session. These settings are in the Settings - Controls screen. If you want
advanced touchscreen control, you can setup touchscreen "buttons" in your Booth screen/template (settings- Screens). Here is a tutorial to show you how this works.

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