Zoho Mail SMTP Configuration

Zoho Mail SMTP Configuration

Zoho Set Up

You may need to check with your email provider to configure the details below.

Before setting up your SMTP, you must enable IMAP in your Zoho settings.

1. Open settings in Zoho

Located within cog on right-hand side

2. Go to Mail Accounts section

In the IMAP Access section, tick IMAP Access

Now your email is ready to be set up on within the Darkroom Booth for iPad App, using the IMAP Server Configuration details, as per below:


1. Host

Your SMTP server name. 
For example, smtp.zoho.com

Host (Textbox)

2. Port

Your SMTP server port. 
Commonly 465

Port (Textbox)

3. Username

Your email username. 
Usually your email address, but can be different.

Username (Textbox)

4. Enable SSL

Must enable SSL for Zoho.

Enable SSL (Yes/No)

5. Password

The password for your mail server. Usually, the same password that you login with.

Password (Textbox)

6. Email Address

Your email address to send from.

Email Address (Textbox)

7. Send Test Email

This area allows you to test your SMTP server. Enter an email address to send the test email address to (can be the same as your email address set above).

Once you enter the email address, press Send Test. You will see the text area below start showing some details.


If Successful:

You will see a green message with "The SMTP server successfully configured".
You will receive an email to the Send Test Email address with the subject "Custom SMTP Success".

If Fails:
You will see a red message with "The SMTP server recorded an error code xxx".
If you get this message, there is something wrong with the SMTP details entered.

Check your settings and try again.
Save SMTP Settings

You must press the Save SMTP Settings button after entering the details. If you do not save, the settings will be lost.
If you have attempted to enter new SMTP settings in error, press the Cancel button to cancel all changes.
Once you save, you will be taken back to the Sharing Settings screen, where you can see that the Custom SMTP Server is now "configured".

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